PHOENX Tela 40 Cabin Luggage Travel Kit Black Sand

$  436,00

The PHOENX travel kit is like a well-composed sonata. Three products that work together in symbiosis to create a seamless travel experience.


TELA40:The world first 100% recycled polycarbonate premium suitcases, designed by a Norwegian, engineered in Italy to stand out from the crowd for a new generation of conscious travellers. 


This sustainable, strong and lightweight cabin luggage, designed to fit in most major airline’s overhead compartments and other means of transportation, features 360° Japanese silent run wheels for a smooth ride on all terrains, washable hygiene friendly interiors and a compression system to elevate your travel experience. 


SOTTILE: The ultra-thin backpack that is invisible when stored and generous once packed.


PRIVO: The vacuum bag to take this extra dress rather than air.


At PHOENX we believe our products should never go back to their previous life, polluting the environment. That’s why we are introducing “SEND ME BACK”  Learn More.


Tela 40 for those who are looking for a more sustainable way to travel without compromising on quality, style and functionality at an affordable price. 

PHOENX: PHOENX Tela 40 Cabin Luggage Travel Kit Oceanic Global
PHOENX: PHOENX Tela 40 Cabin Luggage Travel Kit Peak White

TELA details:

Dimensions: 55cm x 36cm x 22.6cm
Capacity: 40 litres
Weight: 3.5 kg
SOTTILE details:
Dimensions: 42cm x 30cm x 1cm
Capacity: 10 litres
Weight: 477 g
PRIVO details:
Dimensions: 52cm x 35.8cm x 10cm
Capacity: 6 litres
Weight: 150 g


  •  PHOENX Wide aluminium handle to enhance comfort and space. 
  • Durable PHOENX 100% recycled Polycarbonate Hard Shell.
  • Washable interiors to maximise hygiene. 
  • 360° Hinomoto silent run wheels for seamless riding. 
  • Interior compression system to maximise space.
  • TSA-approved lock with USB charger (power bank not included). 
  • Meets the airline requirements for most major airlines as cabin luggage. 
  • Water-repellent.
  • Magnet closing system for easy access.
  • Buckle locks to prevent theft.
  • Two small pockets for travel essentials.
  • Large pocket for up to 15” laptop.
  • Made with Plastic Bottles.
  • Water resistant.
  • Compress Clothes. 
  • Aluminium bars for easy access and durability. 
  • Interior Elastic handles to hang or carry.
  • Versatile design for multiple applications.
  • Made with plastic bottles.

 TELA materials:

Shell: 100% recycled PC
Telescopic Handle: 40% recycled aluminium / 100% recycled ABS
Side & Top Handles: 100% recycled
PU Interior: 100% recycled PET
SOTTILE materials:
100% recycled PET
PRIVO materials:
Materials: 100% recycled PET

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The Shell
The Shell

TELA is the first carry-on to have a matte shell with a grainy texture made from 100% recycled Polycarbonate. Famous for its unique shape, TELA stands out with a minimalist design. Sharp angles. Clean lines. No grooves.

Any doubts towards the durability of recycled materials? PHOENX developed and patented its own material composition that passed any industry test.

Aluminum Handle
Aluminum Handle

Our telescopic aluminium handle was custom-made and patented by PHOENX. It was designed to maximise capacity inside your TELA and engineered to optimise comfort. It improves the overall stability, while functioning as a protective frame.

The handle is made from 40% recycled aluminium and 100% recycled ABS. Since every part is detachable and all raw materials are kept separately, the aluminium handle is fully recyclable.

Modular Design
Modular Design

Our Modular Design is the world’s first design concept that is centred around replaceability, customisability & recyclability. By allowing seamless detachment of all core components (including wheels, aluminium handle, side- and top handles and interiors), PHOENX maximises the lifespan of its TELA to benefit you and environment.

The Interior
The Interior

Unlike other carry-ons we decided not to use interior textile coating. Why? Easy access to exchange core components. Full replacability of interior parts.
Seamless cleaning.

Besides the maximum capacity reached through our wide telescopic handle design, our compression system optimises space efficiency within the carryon. The holding system protects fragile items from moving. All parts are made from 100% recycled PET and are fully recyclable.

The Wheels
The Wheels

In order to ensure the highest quality standards and to maximise resilience, we partnered with Hinomoto, the market leader for premium carry-on wheels.

The 360° Silent Run Wheels are ultra-silent on nearly any surface. Both, the wheel and its housing are easily detachable and fully replaceable - in line with our Modular Design concept.

The innovative vacuum bag
The innovative vacuum bag

With its vacuum function, PRIVO allows you to carry your clothes in the most convenient and space-saving way. By vacuuming large items (e.g. jackets or jumpers), your laundry or wet clothes (e.g. swimming suit), PRIVO maximises storage to take that extra outfit.

How does it work? Put your clothes inside, close the Velcro, open the screw cap and roll the bag to release the air. Once the air is out, close the screw cap and place your PRIVO inside your suitcase. Ready to go.

Sottile, The ultra-thin backpack
Sottile, The ultra-thin backpack

SOTTILE is designed to save space when packing at home while maximising storage on the road. Due to its ultra-thin profile SOTTILE occupies only a few millimetres inside your Carry-on while offering 10 litres capacity once used. Pack it, take it, explore!

Built from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, every component is designed to re-enter our production process to meet our zero-waste commitment.

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